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From the Sky

At the turn

"U Turn" ©Magali CHESNEL

How could we get tired of aerial photography, when we can see things that we normally don’t have access to?!

Have you ever wondered how photos are created with a bird's eye view?

I am specialized in taking aerial photographs on board an ULM (Ultra Light Motor) and with my drones. Two different technics with different advantages and disadvantages.

The most challenging aspects of aerial photography depend on what I am photographing and from which type of tool I am photographing it from.

  • Shooting from a helicopter offers many benefits, but it doesn’t allow me to get too low, without creating a noticeable effect on the landscape itself—especially if we are over water, a wild park with birds...

  • Shooting from a small airplane (ULM for my part) allows me to get low with a reasonable speed, but it is quite challenging to get a nice shot, as the plane is constantly moving. I have to set the right parameters, as I have just a few seconds to take the right photo.

  • Shooting with a drone is great, as I am independent, I can take my time, come back to a place, but I always keep in mind that the photograph will be at the end my creation. I have to be creative, to observe patterns, colors, lines..., whatever inspires and helps me to achieve a great composition.
    Working with drones allows me to see things we normally don’t have access to. I can capture and reveal the world from above all the year. 
    With a drone, I have the possibility to discover the world in new way, but it is important to not forget to convey an idea or evoke an emotion. A drone is basically an extension of MY eye and imagination. 

Taking photos from the Sky is adding a fantastic degree of freedom, with incredible views.

Take time to have a look around and do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions, comments, or business opportunities that may be of interest.

Thank you for stopping by and Enjoy!


What is an ULM (Ultra Light Motor)

Autoportrait ULM.jpg

Seat for the Pilote

In front of the ULM



Control bar

Seat for the Photographer

At the back of the ULM


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