"Photography is for me all about capturing the true emotion, personality of my subject, at a given moment of time. Unplanned shots are, to my point of view, the best.

It happened to me to have left accidentally my camera at home. How it is painful to miss the decisive moment..."
Magali Chesnel

All photographs are my own work & are mine. ©Magali CHESNEL

The benefits of the sea in Brittany

Next to Brest- Finistère Nord / France, you can swim all year round.

Often retirees meet at the Sainte Anne beach to walk or swim in the Manche. 

The therapeutic effects of the water there are many; to improve circulation and drainage, eliminate toxins and also aids to counter water retention.

The temperature of the water varies between 18 and 11 °C.

It is strongly recommended not to have a shower after this immersion in the iodine rich waters, in order to let the healing benefits work their magic and penetrate deeply into the skin. 

Egyptian people

Minimalist portrait

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Artist painter & self-taught photographer
The deal

A life scene, in all its contrasts, taken in Cairo from the car, leaving its historic area, for its contemporary urban city. "The deal" represents three men and a goat: the owner and his employee, wearing traditional clothes, presenting a male goat to a potential buyer. We can see in the background the new Cairo under construction and in the foreground, this scene with a herd of goats and a dwelling makeshift.