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When I am immersed into Nature, it becomes a source of happiness and inspiration. Photographing nature is extremely therapeutic, it is relaxing.

Shooting Nature is always rewarding, knowing that capturing its essence is not easy.

When I reach these ultimate goals, translating glorious moments and inspirations into a picture, while capturing an emotion behind the scene, I am very proud.

All photographs are my own work & are mine. ©Magali CHESNEL



The Guérande salt marshes are part of Loire Atlantique's natural heritage and is worldwide famous for its Fleur de Sel.

This protected natural site covers over 2,000 hectares and uses thousand-year-old production techniques. The salt marsh workers harvest coarse salt and fleur de sel there between June and September. They drag the salt to the edge of the pool and then cart it  away in wheelbarrows. From start to finish the entire production proceeds as in centuries before: by hand.

The colors of the salt marshes have the peculiarity of changing throughout the seasons, the day: from light grey in the morning to purple in the evening through blazing white at noon, they offer a unique spectacle. Their shapes are never the same and bring a real authenticity to this place.

Various bird species live in the marshes, as the black-winged stilts or grey herons.

Here is an overview of the salt marshes from above. Enjoy!

Wild places on the Lake Léman & its wildlife


Winter in Switzerland


The world’s biggest and most famous, but also beautiful lavender fields: The Plateau of Valensole


Here is a better understanding of how the lavender, the "blue gold of Provence", is harvested for its unique therapeutic, curative, and cosmetic properties.

Blossoming during June-August, lavender adds wonderful purple, magenta and blueish-indigo colors to the Provençal landscape.

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