When I am immersed into Nature, it becomes a source of happiness and inspiration. Photographing nature is extremely therapeutic, it is relaxing.

Shooting Nature is always rewarding, knowing that capturing its essence is not easy.

When I reach these ultimate goals, translating glorious moments and inspirations into a picture, while capturing an emotion behind the scene, I am very proud.

All photographs are my own work & are mine. ©Magali CHESNEL

Wild places on the Lake Léman & its wildlife


Winter in Switzerland


The world’s biggest and most famous, but also beautiful lavender fields: The Plateau of Valensole

Here is a better understanding of how the lavender, the "blue gold of Provence", is harvested for its unique therapeutic, curative, and cosmetic properties.

Blossoming during June-August, lavender adds wonderful purple, magenta and blueish-indigo colors to the Provençal landscape. ©Magali CHESNEL

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