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The salt marshes of Aigues-Mortes captured my heart, my soul and my mind.

The mother Nature is spectacular, one of the best Designer. This is a place where happen amazing actions and reactions, which never fail to impress.

Discover my series of photographs entitled "Land Art", taken in the Camargue, aboard an ULM, most particularly the salt marshes of Giraud and Aigues-Mortes, where the graphics was my priority.

The bright pink/orange colors are obtained thanks to the proliferation of a red seaweed: the Dunaliella salina.

The magic of the Biology, the Time and the Nature have here, for my work, a common goal: Art.

My photos could be closed to an abstract configuration of bands of colors, of unequal widths, seen from the air.

I hope that their colors, their graphics and their unusual appearance will catch your attention, while provoking a retinal emotion.

Series of photos taken with my head and my camera pointing directly downwards, on board an ULM.


Les marais salants d'Aigues-Mortes ont capturé mon cœur, mon âme et mon esprit.

Notre mère Nature y est spectaculaire, l'un des meilleurs Designers. C'est un endroit où se produisent des actions et des réactions étonnantes, qui ne manquent jamais d'impressionner.

Découvrez ma série de photos intitulée "Land Art", prises en Camargue, depuis un ULM, plus particulièrement depuis les salins de Giraud et d'Aigues-Mortes, où la graphisme fut ma priorité.

Les couleurs vives rose/orangées sont obtenues grâce à la prolifération d'une algue rouge : la Dunaliella salina.

La magie de la Biologie, du Temps et de la Nature ont ici, pour mon travail, un but commun: l'Art.

Mon travail photographique pourrait être assimilé à une configuration abstraite de bandes horizontales, faites de couleurs différentes et de largeurs inégales, vues du ciel.

J'espère que leurs couleurs, leur graphisme et leur aspect insolite sauront capter votre attention, tout en provoquant une émotion rétinienne.

Série de photos prises avec ma tête et mon appareil photo face au sol, à bord d'un ULM.

Un grand merci au pilote / Huge thanks to the pilote Jean-Marc FABRE

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All photographs are my own work & are mine.



"A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience." – Mark Rothko

I deeply think we should all do with a bit more of Rothko’s principles in our way to photograph: insisting on the primacy of raw emotion, to push the boundaries of form and color to make photos appear as "painting-like" as possible.



When we come to an unknown crossroad, we have different paths in front of us: hardest or easier. We have to decide which way to go. It is up to us to choose our destiny, our destination.
Whenever we are facing with a big decision to make, we should take time to think over things which would help us to take decisions that are most in alignment with our authentic self.

  • Finalist "Travel Photographer Society" - Landscape Category


The magic of Biology, Time and Nature can create amazing landscapes, where the boundary between macrocosm and microcosm becomes a question of scale, especially from the air.

The power of the Nature is unsuspected, stunning.

  • 1st Price Category Landscape for the contest organized by "Impression Panoramique"




The Camargue, in Southern France, is home to more than 400 species of birds, including flamingos. You can see on the left pink flamingos flying above the pink salt marshes. This is something truly special. It offers a unique insight into the park's wildlife and offers stunning possibilities in terms of landscape photography.

  • Finalist of  "The Independent photographer" for the category ‘Landscape Photography’ theme competition - March 2017



  • Nominated Honorable Mention by Color Photography Awards - Aerial Category

Salon de la Photo Paris 2018 - with LABO

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